It’s time for a Change.

A couple weeks ago I went to the doctor for a sinus infection.  The nurse made me get on the scale.  I didn’t want to, but I didn’t have much choice.  I knew that in the seven months since I’d started a new job I had put on weight.  My previous job kept me on  my feet eight hours a day and this one I sit for eight hours.

The digital scale quickly hit 203 pounds.  I sighed.   Now I knew.

At my heaviest I weighed 213 in 2008.  Years ago when I’d dropped to 182 I swore to myself I’d never hit that 200 pound mark again.  Now I had.  It’s time for a change.

This past week I signed up for Weight Watchers online and had my first meeting this week, and a First weigh in at 206.4 pounds.

A few years ago I’d worked on a web concept I called “Curvy Journey” but I never got the project off the ground.  Now here I am, trying again.  Making myself accountable and sharing my journey.  Feel free to share yours too.

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